Week In Vegan: Beer, McDonald's Menus, and Foie Gras

  • Here's a (completely subjective) list of the best vegan restaurants in America. I wish we could all just go on a giant road trip and visit all of these. Forget work, let's eat.

  • The petition asking McDonald's to put more plant-based choices on their menu is gaining steam. Soon we may all be eating burgers together in peace and harmony. Until then, we can defiantly eat three servings of fries every time we go.
  • Fox News reports the benefits of eating less meat. Fox News!
  • VegNews has a guide to vegan beer. Pretty sure they're not suggesting you try all of these at once, but it's your weekend, you do what you want! (If you're over 21. If you're not, remember that beer tastes awful until your 21st birthday when it magically turns delicious.)
  • Did you know that a billion chicken wings might have been eaten during the Super Bowl? Who cares about who lost the game? Chickens are the biggest losers here.
  • California isn't getting its foie gras back. #sorrynotsorry
  • Peregrine falcons are faster than you, me, and cheetahs. Peregrine falcons should have won the Super Bowl.

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