TCHO Moves to the East Bay Just Like Everyone Else You Know

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TCHO's 29,000-square-foot space on the waterfront is soon to be shuttered.
Just like your cool artist friends, S.F. chocolate factory TCHO has decided to pack up and move to the East Bay. The chocolate factory has been a fixture on the Embarcadero for years, and the decision to move now -- just when the Exploratorium and restaurants like Coqueta, Fog City, and Hard Water have made that stretch actually tourist-friendly -- seems a bit mystifying at first glance.

However, CEO Andrew Burke told Inside Scoop that the decision to move was based on the company's expansion. "We were able to combine manufacturing, warehousing, office and our retail store all into one larger location," he told Scoop editor Paolo Lucchesi. The new 49,000 square foot space in West Berkeley's Marchant Building (3100 San Pablo Ave.) will be big enough to serve all of the growing chocolate factory's needs when it opens in April. Even better, it will still provide free tours to the public.

And don't worry -- unlike the town in the beginning of Willy Wonka that mourned the shuttering of its chocolate factory, San Francisco is blessed with more than one. Bean-to-bar junkies unwilling to get onto BART can always pay a visit to Valencia's Dandelion Chocolate.

[via ISSP, SF Business Times]

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Karl Wilder
Karl Wilder

It is becoming the Brooklyn of your area.

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