Portlandia Boldly Attempts to Make Celery Cool Again in 11-Minute Preview For New Season

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Kale is cool, Brussels sprouts are back, heirloom tomatoes are hot, and the head of the Produce Sales Headquarters is very happy. But there's one outlier to the up-and-to-the-right sales charts that the organization is seeing with other vegetables: celery. It's up to Steve Buscemi's Marty, a down-on-his-luck celery salesman, to save his job by embarking on a noirish quest to make his product popular with consumers who don't even require the fiberous stalk in their Bloody Marys anymore.

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So begins the plot of the fantastic 11-minute preview for Portlandia's fourth season, a high-stakes thriller that looks and feels like some of the series' slickest work. It's definitely worth a watch, if just to see how the wily bacon manipulated his way into almost everything.

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As a career-long sales guy, that is brilliant. It perfectly captures the life of sales person. 

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