Fujiyoshi Ramen, Popping Up in the Tendernob

Pete Kane

Our warm, dry winter hasn't exactly made for ramen season, but so many bowls of soup are popping up that it's hard to keep up -- and it's just one more reason to wish for rain. Fujiyoshi Ramen, in the Tendernob/Union Square area is only the latest offering in S.F.'s new crop of noodle houses.

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Pete Kane

Admittedly, I may have created something of a monster, ordering tonkotsu (pork bone broth from Kyushu) with Tokyo-style wavy noodles, and getting the oh-so-trendy-and-Americanized spicy version, but it was damn tasty. It's not the creamiest ramen, though that's not to all tastes, but the half egg was cooked precisely and the pork had the right bit of fat barely clinging on. Other little pluses added up, too. Fujiyoshi offers a free dish of Japanese pickles, brisk service with no wait, and keeps the price a hair under $10. The slightly confusing thing is that Fujiyoshi is a lunch-and-dinner time pop-up in an otherwise dinner-only restaurant (Kyu) whose octagonal, neon-lined windows are unmistakable but which otherwise lacks a sign in English. There's also no website or Facebook page. But going in blind can be fun.

I like ramen when it's dreary and awful out, and we've had almost none of that weather. Nor have I had many hangovers in need of curing. I may have to just to go catch a cold.

Fujiyoshi Ramen, 639 Post, 441-1099.

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