Chicago Man Uses Kickstarter to Fund His Chipotle Burrito

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How much would you pay a stranger to eat a Chipotle burrito?
Unfortunately this isn't the Onion, and Chicago resident Noboru Bitoy for reals used Kickstarter to fund his lunch. Bitoy originally requested $8 from the crowdfunding site for a Chipotle burrito, the consumption of which he brazenly passed off as a public service ("Just how delicious is a chicken burrito from my local Chipotle? I will find & display the answer in a creative presentation!").

He got that original burrito and gave it a "Yum!" on a scale of "No." to "Wow!", to everyone's immense surprise and relief. But here's the thing: People won't stop donating to his burrito fund.

After $50, Bitoy selflessly vowed to try four chicken burritos as "a test to truly see how the burrito flavor is changed when it is a leftover meal." Then, as the money kept rolling in (WHY, EVERYONE, WHY), Bitoy traveled to the cutting edge of investigative journalism to determine which of the 24 variations of chicken burrito was the most delicious (variations include flour/whole wheat tortilla, white/brown rice, pinto/black beans). Now he's got a final stretch goal if he makes it to $500: He will eat a Chipotle burrito during a skydive. At post time, $480 was donated with 22 days left in the campaign.

Presumably, Bitoy's stunt will get him funding from Chipotle proper now, so you are free to donate your hard-earned cash to a local food bank -- or to your own personal burrito fund -- instead.

[via Slate]

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Does this guy think he is really doing something positive? After getting a free burrito (which was his intent all along), he should have donated the rest of the hundreds of dollars to those who are hungry, such as by donating the $$$ to a food bank. 

Chipotle is no La Cumbre and is NOT the best burrito in SF. 


This ain't no La Cumbre!

Arlana Murphy
Arlana Murphy

Kathy, you know the guacamole is extra right?

Kathy Cruz
Kathy Cruz

In his defense, those are delicious but expensive burritos, specially if you want guacamole.

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