Beer Week Starts Today!

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SF Beer Week, the one time of the year when the city collectively embraces beer and breweries from all over the country take over bars and pour their best rare and hard-to-find stuff, is finally here. The 10-day event kicks off with the opening gala tonight (tickets are sold out; they have been for a while), and the affair unfolds with more than 500 events spread throughout the Bay Area. And yes, there's an app to track it all.

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Beer Week

One thing that most people try to seek out at least once is Pliny the Younger, the rare triple IPA that Russian River released this morning (some of the people in the tremendous line when the brewery opened had been there all night). In S.F., you can often find it at Toronado (not right now, apparently), Pi Bar, and Monk's Kettle is having a one-day Younger event for charity.

But Pliny isn't the only rare beer released this week -- not by a longshot. Since the schedule is overwhelming, our beer writer Jason Henry broke down some of the events he's most excited about by beer-drinking personality. And over on BeerGraphs, Jen Rizzo wrote an excellent guide to Beer Week survival.

Pace yourself, tip your bartenders, remember to eat, be safe, and most of all, have fun!

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