Week in Vegan: Drinks, Debates, and Dogg

  • Here's a debate about veganism that features a panel of actual experts and not just a group of Bacon Bros going on and on about how vegans are sissies who can't score. More importantly, Gene Bauer is on the panel. Farm Sanctuary for president!

  • How vegan was the liquor you drank on New Year's Eve and beyond? The best drunken lamp-shaded dance is a cruelty-free drunken lamp-shade dance. At least that's what I always tell myself the morning after.
  • The Egg Board may be worried about going the way of Humpty Dumpty. The board is allegedly buying up search terms that lead to its competitors, especially Hampton Creek Foods, the newest purveyor of vegan condiments.
  • Speaking of which, here's Hampton Creek on The Travel Channel. Confidential to The Egg Board: now may be a good time to call up all the king's horses and all the king's men.
  • Watch Snoop Dogg (Lion?) discuss veganism with Russell Simmons. This is a good video to show impressionable teens susceptible to peer pressure! Be vegan, all the cool rappers are doing it.
  • According to this sign at a butcher's shop, vegans live longer because they never get invited anywhere fun and spend their time crying and drinking at home. Wrong! I prefer to do my crying in public. Loudly. That's how I have fun!
  • If Christmas is not over in your heart, here is one final carol for you: Song For Santa (Jingle Your Own Damn Bells) by Stephan Nance. It's basically what a Christmas song would sound like if young and angry Ani Di Franco wrote it while having a slumber party with Tori Amos. Really earnest vegan queer-core piano pop. (That is a genre and not just something I made up; yes, I agree it is very specific.)

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