Watch People Eat Foods They Hate in Slo-Mo

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For about 15 years of my life, I avoided scallops at all costs. Not because I'd gotten sick eating them or anything so obvious, but because my parents served them to me once for dinner as a child and I just haaaaated them -- I hated the fishy taste, I hated the rubbery texture, I hated the way I didn't chew them properly because of the aforementioned texture and they slid down my throat in a fishy, rubbery blob. And so it went that I was well into my 20s before I summoned up the nerve to try scallops again, and of course I loved them because scallops are fucking awesome, and now I order them at restaurants with some regularity.

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So I can relate to this Buzzfeed video that features people eating things they hate in slow-motion. I imagine most of us can -- we all have those foods that other people like that we, for some reason, can't stand. What I love most about this, even more than the horrible, sour-lemon faces the poor subjects make when the food passes their lips, is that the foods they hate are so pedestrian. Tomatoes. Pineapple. Mayonnaise. (Why do so many people hate mayo, can someone enlighten me? Because I don't want to even imagine a world without tuna salad, deviled eggs, macaroni salad, and that cheap potato salad you get at the supermarket.)

As it turns out, there isn't one answer about why people seemingly irrationally hate certain foods. Some of it may turn out to be taste buds -- some of us are wired to like bitter foods more than others. Some of it could be, somewhat creepily, due to what your mom ate when she was pregnant with you -- some scientists think we're predisposed to like those foods, maybe because we got the message that mom pre-approved them. Sometimes it's culture or repeat exposure -- see: the fact that everyone in San Francisco loves Fernet. And some of it could be texture, or the sex of the person, or who knows why.

Anyway, watch, enjoy, as much as you can seeing other people in agony:

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