The Week in Vegan: Pets, Pigs, and Kittens

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  • Veganuary is a horrible name for anything, but it's a good idea! Go vegan for the rest of January (we are on day 20 so this should be easy) and see how you like it. Then go vegan for February because it is the shortest month. You can do it!
  • This pig has more than 30,000 followers on Facebook and has converted the two men who adopted her to veganism. And she can't even talk! I talk all the time and still haven't convinced my partner to stop eating meat. Maybe the talking is the problem?

  • f you're not vegan, I feel bad for you son. I've got 99 problems but angina ain't one.
  • Here's a new vegan eye treatment. Like most other eye treatments, it will probably do absolutely nothing, but at least it's cruelty free.
  • Gracias Madre is opening in L.A., will finally give people a reason to visit.
  • Farm animals are just like your pets. And you wouldn't eat your pets. Even if that pet is an evil rabbit who ate through the router cable out of spite.
  • There were lots of vegan options at the SAG awards. Jennifer Lawrence probably ate all of them and then have an adorable interview about how much she loves to eat.
  • It's no longer weird to be a vegan. It is still weird to eat only bananas. Unless you're Donkey Kong.
  • Stop trying to wear jeans, kittens! You're perfect the way you are.

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