Week In Vegan: Mirilton, Myq, and Mooing

  • Ready to cut out meat in 2014? Here's some information. Read it and then try a new vegetable. Even if you don't like vegetables (like me).
  • Speaking of new vegetables, here's mine: mirilton. Have you even heard of this before? It sounds like a one-name pop star: Cher, Madonna, Mirilton. They're delicious stuffed. Shout out to Cajun Pacific, where I tried this delicious vegetable pear for the first time. Here's a recipe.

  • Good Morning America featured a vegan couple -- in their 60s -- who ran a marathon every day of 2013. AND WHAT DID YOU DO TODAY, LAZY? That's a rhetorical question. You may have done something awesome and I can't hear it because today I ate an entire bag of cookies while listening to an audio book which is literally the least you could do and still be considered living.
  • Archbishop Desmond Tutu wrote a new piece on animals and how amazing they are and he has the best name and says some seriously wise shit. Read it.
  • Did you see that dogs might poop in line with the Earth's magnetic field? Holy crap, dogs are so smart. Or magical. Or something. Something is going on there. (Probably a coincidence.)
  • Patrick Stewart moos in a British accent because life is perfect and he doesn't give a fuck. Any cow experts (or actual cows? Holla to my bovine readers!) here? Is he on point?
  • Breakfast for dinner! And lunch! And breakfast!
  • Remember the "vegans are crybabies who have fun by crying and then crying some more" sign from last week? Well, it turns out that the butcher shop was using a joke by Myq Kaplan, who is vegan. And they didn't credit him! Come on you guys! For what it's worth, I still stand by my statement that there is nothing more fun than crying in public. #liveyourbestlife
  • This greyhound dog is wearing Batman PJs and is running in the snow. He is our new vegan mascot. Embrace it.

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