Street Food Dojo Brightens Boring FiDi Intersection with Kimchee, Dawgs and Bentos

Pete Kane
As someone who can never get enough Asian street food, I'm delighted that Street Food Dojo has been up and running on Market and Post for a while now, filling hungry bellies with kimchee fried rice and Spam masubi. And it's way tastier than the crap that the Cobra-Kai Dojo from The Karate Kid churned out. Indeed, casual dining on Market continues to improve.

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Pete Kane

Having taken over the former home of Zog's Dog's, it's still a spiritual home people who like unconventional franks. A Dojo Dawg comes with wasabi aioli, apple slaw and furikake, the flaked Japanese condiment made from dried fish, seaweed, and salt. (They also ran a sumo hot dog for awhile; perhaps other iterations will surface). The granddaddy was the katsu curry bento, which wasn't especially pretty but hit the spot after I slathered the rice with Sriracha. It makes no bones about being anything beyond fried things with a helping of rice, but the seasoning was strong and the chicken tender. I'd steeled myself against a long wait but it popped up within minutes.

While nominally open until 6 p.m., SF Dojo is one of those lunch-heavy places that starts seriously running out of stuff by 2:00. So best plan accordingly. Also, "1 Post Street" is a bit of a red herring, as the dojo is tucked off Market Street behind the high-rise with that address, not on Post proper, and definitely not down in the depressing pit of retail ringing Montgomery BART. Overall, it's a slightly less refined version of JapaCurry and arguably a notch more expensive here and there, but more than satisfying -- and you don't have to chase it down.

Street Food Dojo
, 1 Post, 361-6610.

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