L.A.'s Lobsta Truck is Coming in February!

Tom Walton/Fortune PR
Just when you thought the food truck scene was both oversaturated and kind of sparse at the same time, here comes a really good one: The Lobsta Truck. This mobile eatery, which isn't from Kennebunkport or Penobscot or Millinocket, but decidedly un-lobster-y Downtown Los Angeles, will be rolling into the Upper Haight Off the Grid on Thursday, February 13, from 5-8:00 p.m, with other OTG sites immediately to follow.

Tom Walton/Fortune PR
Apart from everyone's favorite scary-looking arachnids from the briny deep, flown in daily from New England and turned into lobster rolls with drawn butter or seasoned mayo, proprietor Justin Mi keeps it closer to home with Dungeness crab rolls. Fish & chips, chowders, and bisques round out the menu.

This is unmitigated good news for the crustacean-deprived -- especially because record harvests have kept the price of lobster fairly low in recent years, at least at the wholesale end. But does San Francisco's ban on plastic bags also apply to bibs?

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Pam Lin
Pam Lin

This is a pretty good one! Cynthia Wong I've had them many times down in OC

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