GreenLid Smoothies, the New All-Star at Incubator Space 331 Cortland

Pete Kane

How much kale does GreenLid Smoothies go through in a week? "So much kale," says owner Andrea Talley. "I like to see the boxes piled up along the wall."

Bernal Heights' foodie small business incubator 331 Cortland has done it again. No longer merely shuttling around the city smoothie-ing things out for corporate drones, GreenLid has got its own space to blend green smoothies, lime-green accent wall and everything. A "green smoothie," for the record, is one of three tasty concoctions -- Almond Banana, Apple Ginger and Orange Mango -- that is then divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced based on the ratio of fruit juice to chlorophyll.

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Pete Kane

Pete Kane

Apart from the ingredients which have to be sourced from more tropical climes, everything is local (but it is entirely vegan and gluten-free). With the ginger's extra snap, an intermediate Apple Ginger can tuck almost enough kale inside to last a week, but without that slightly metallic graininess one sometimes encounters when one OD's on nutrition. It's kind of like Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook on putting vegetables in brownies, only it comports better with most New Year's resolutions.

Another win for the incubator, for sure.

GreenLid Smoothies, 331 Cortland, 506-7057.

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