Week in Vegan: Horses, Bon Bons, and Locally Sourced Factory Farm Restaurants

  • Jails in Maricopa County, Arizona have been on a vegetarian meal system since last year. This Thanksgiving, inmates were served Tofurkey as their holiday meal. Question: will this make recidivism rates go up or down? (Tofurkey is delicious, but probably not as delicious as freedom).


  • Vegan Dad wants to teach you how to make vegan croissants. Just don't tell him you're hungry -- because he'll tell you he's dad. Dad jokes: Is there anything more hilarious? Besides everything?
  • A new bill has been introduced to stop "race-day doping" race horses. In case you've been wondering: Horse racing is still awful for the animals. (So save your money for slot machines.) (That's what she said.) (Sorry.)
  • Al Gore has gone vegan. This is a huge surprise, mainly because everyone I know thought he was vegan already. What, did he just watch his own documentary for the first time? You won a Nobel Peace Prize for that PowerPoint, Gore. How is it that you're just doing this now? And congratulations!
  • The Onion ran an article about a factory farm restaurant that serves only the finest locally tortured animals. I didn't read it on The Onion, though: my mom forwarded it to me with 'DO YOU THINK IT'S EXPENSIVE?' as the subject line. (Yes, in all caps.)

Flickr/rox sm
  • New vegan bon bon alert: Rescue Chocolate has just released a new collection of whimsical confections (I can't believe I just wrote that). Favors include "Pick Me! Pepper" and "Peanut Butter Pitbull." I'm going to order three boxes and take to my bed like that one character in Harriet The Spy.

  • Ready for your weekly dose of violence turned awww? Here's a video of a turkey fighting a German shepherd. And then exacting cuddles when it wins. Just don't turn the volume up too loud. The noises in the video startled my partner and we had a fight of our own about appropriate volume control. It did not end with cuddles.

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