Week In Vegan: Bailey's, Blackfish, and more Beyoncé

  • Just in time to get drunk with your relatives, it's a recipe for a vegan version of Bailey's. I'm gonna drink about a gallon of this and then go cuddle in a pile of bunnies (i.e. fall asleep under the Christmas tree. Again.)
  • After watching Blackfish, the damning documentary about how evil Seaworld is, even Martina McBride doesn't want to perform there. What are you going to do SeaWorld? It's not like Ke$ha's breaking down your turnstiles! In related news, Trisha Yearwood has also cancelled. Predictably, no one cared. Sorry, Trisha!

  • The latest investigation from Mercy for Animals exposes horrific cruelty at a major DiGiorno cheese supplier in Wisconsin. This is awful news and I am going to order delivery tonight. Delivery, not DiGiorno(tm). Specifically I'm getting the vegan Indian pizza from Golden Gate Indian. Two of them. I'll be under the Christmas tree if anyone needs me.
  • Here's a problem. Cats love to eat plants and some plants can kill them, especially certain holiday ones. Stop your living room from turning into a scene from the feline version of The Hunger Games by keeping these red and green things out of kitty's way.
    Flickr/David Noah1
  • EARTH BALANCE HOLIDAY POPPS: popcorn drizzled with dark chocolate and cinnamon. This is everything.
  • Isa Chandra Moskowitz, the high priestess of veganity, is opening a vegan restaurant in Omaha. Yes, Omaha. We're going International worldwide, y'all. Omaha is in a place called Nebraska, which is a beautiful name for a country (like Genovia).
  • The enormously talented singer song-writer and vegetarian Sia Furler -- known for her collaborations with Rihanna, Britney Spears and Celine Dion, and my heart -- has made a special Christmas wish to help animals in India through Animal Aid's sponsorship gift program. She introduces the video herself and asks her fans to help save animal lives this Christmas. (Cue that one song from Six Feet Under that always makes you cry.)

  • Yeah, sure, Beyonce broke all our brains last week with her surprise album, but more importantly, she ate these hella delicious looking vegan cupcakes. Beyonce knows what's up. Now if she would just stop wearing fur...

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