Hot Sauce and Panko Unveils Ramen Wings

Pete Kane

Hot Sauce and Panko, the five-table wing emporium in the Central Richmond that has already won hearts and minds with its bulgogi, honey salty crispy pepper, and hot chili crunch wings, has released a new product: fried ramen wings with pour-on sauce. Anyone familiar with this impish Korean joint is probably delighted that they've gotten in on the ramen-derivative craze.

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At six pieces for $6.99, it's incrementally more expensive than the typical HS&P offering, and a slightly smaller portion size. The crunch of noodle fragments baked into the breading was very satisfying but the wings cried out for a little salt or seasoning. While the "pour-on" sauce is a colorful and pleasantly vinegary addition, if you want to add some heat to your basket, you'll have to grab some actual hot sauce. (Don't worry too much. There's at least a half-dozen to choose among -- plus about 300 more lining the retail wall, many of which you may sample.)

Pete Kane
Don't worry about Sriracha's having temporarily flatlined with this wall of substitutes at the ready.

Hot Sauce and Panko adamantly refuses to refer to itself as a restaurant -- partly because of the size, partly because there is no public restroom. It's a quirky place, and the menu rotates weekly, so it's no guarantee the fried ramen wings will last forever. Somewhere, another fad is percolating.

Hot Sauce and Panko, 1545 Clement St., (415) 387-1908

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