Food and Drink Resolutions We'll Actually Keep

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It's S.F., you think someone wouldn't resolve to make more jams and pickles?
We've always loved the new year because it's a nice time to sit back and take stock of where we are in life, but let's face it -- all the losing weight, drinking less, eating more vegetables resolutions in the world won't mean we'll actually do them. Here at SFoodie we've made some resolutions that we're actually looking forward to keeping in 2014.

Lou Bustamante: After a failed attempt to organize my booze last year, try again this year. Failing that, I'll just plan on drinking it all, with help of course.

Anna Roth: Like Lou, I completely failed on my resolutions from last year. I still want to go foraging with my friend Iso at ForageSF, and I still need to get over to Oakland and Berkeley more. Anyone up for an East Bay adventure? (Note: At least I did find the best breakfast burrito in the city, which in my opinion is the formidable Bacon Bacon burrito, which contains both pulled pork and pork belly.)

Mary Ladd: I resolve to make more jarred and brined goods. 1 (big) batch of strawberry jam a year isn't enough but I go crazy when I hit Swanton.

Ashley Goldsmith: My New Year's food resolution is to cook from all of the cookbooks that I own. I've fallen into the same routine of making things that I don't need a recipe for or just looking something up online and pulling ideas from several different recipes. I rarely cook from cookbooks that I've bought for that exact reason. Vietnamese Home Cooking by Charles Phan, Modernist Cuisine at Home, and the Treme cookbook are all high on my list this year.

Alexis Katsilometes: For my New Year's resolutions I would like to cook through the Manresa cookbook...only kidding! In all seriousness, I want to master fried chicken and pie crust, learn how to debone a chicken, properly clean sardines (and eventually advance to larger fish).

Trevor Felch: I'm determined to learn more about the complex world that is Italian wine. I want to be that guy who can describe the nuances of Gaglioppo and Schiopettino like how Giants fans remember every detail of the 2012 season. I'll also hit up more of the restaurants in the Sunset and Richmond districts. So many tiny gems of dozens of different cuisines out in the Avenues I just never think of going to. Fog and wind chills in the teens are no excuse.

What are your culinary resolutions for 2014?

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