Circus Comes to Town, Gets Its Own Ice Cream Flavor

Step aside cotton candy and popcorn, there's a new circus snack in town. Mission ice cream shop Humphry Slocombe recently released an ice cream flavor in honor of Cirque du Soleil's Amaluna, in town through January 12th. The flavor is creme fraiche with a blueberry swirl, and it will be on sale for the duration of Amaluna's run.

Rowenna Dunn, publicist for Amaluna, says this is the first time a local merchant had created an ice cream flavor for the show, and that the flavor was served to guests, performers and employees at Amaluna's premiere.

Perhaps most importantly, she says the flavor is excellent.

"It was delicious," Dunn says. "And I'm not an ice cream person."

The flavor is also a first for Humphry Slocombe. Owner and ice cream chef Jake Godby said he had never created a circus ice cream before, but he clearly took the show's theme to heart during its conception.

"The show Amaluna is loosely based on The Tempest by Shakespeare. Tempest means storm, so I wanted to do something with a swirl to make it storm-looking," Godby says. "And Cirque du Soleil is Canadian, and creme fraiche is French."

As for the flavor itself, SF Weekly agrees with Dunn -- it's delicious. A sample on Wednesday carried a faint hint of caramel that wasn't overly sweet, and a superb creaminess perfectly balanced with the fruity flavor of the blueberry swirl. The only issue was the ice cream's failure to melt before the cone was finished, which led to a propensity for the single scoop to slide around on the cone, leaving a full three inches of cone to eat without the aid of ice cream. So get two scoops.

Godby says the flavor will most likely be retired when Amaluna heads to San Jose in January, but that sales have been high enough that he may consider an encore performance.

"It sells great, we try to keep it in stock but we run out of it all the time," he says. "It's a flavor we would bring back for sure."


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