Week in Vegan: Hanukkah With Blossom, Avoiding Zinc Deficiency, and Elephant Seal Love

  • Looking for some new fall food to try? Vegansaurus (our favorite pink dinosaur) has created a Pinterest board dedicated to fall food. This is very helpful considering that my idea of fall food included eating leaves directly off a tree.

  • Can children thrive on a vegan diet? Yes, but it needs to be planned and balanced. And a love of food such as kale and broccoli needs to be instilled early. How early? You should probably start shooting them with celery right in the womb. Do we have the technology for that?
  • Holidays collide! The first day of Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving this year and if you're looking for inspiration, Mayim Bialik has shared an idea of what her Thanksgivukkah (I cannot keep up with these holiday terms) menu will look like. Who else wishes they could be over at Blossom's house next Thursday? Will Six be there? Inquiring minds need to know.
  • In other 'facing our own mortality' news: Have you seen the things a zinc deficiency can do to a person? It can be pretty devastating. Luckily there's a whole list of plant-based sources of zinc on Care2. Do yourself a favor and scroll right past the symptoms of zinc deficiency (now know as zinc-def) and right to the vegetables that are rich in the big Z. Anyone up for sprouts and pumpkin seeds?
  • Compassion over killing has released video footage of calves being abused at Quanah Cattle Company in Kersey, Colorado. The three workers who were caught on video have been fired and are now facing criminal charges for cruelty to animals. Nothing to add here, but after reading this I hugged my bunny and am now covered in scratches, which makes me even sadder.
  • Devon Phon, tireless teen activist, has successfully petitioned his high school to serve veggie burgers at lunch. Knowing high school lunches, it will likely still be both inedible and frightening to look at. Do you remember what used to pass for pizza? It was a cracker with ketchup on it. Can't fool me, lunch lady.
  • Marin vegan drinks is this Wednesday. If you're vegan, vegetarian, or veg-curious (does that sound dirty to anyone else?) you should head on down to the Nickel Rose in San Rafael at 6 p.m.
  • How do you feel about cute animal videos? What if the cute animal is an elephant seal? What if the animal seal likes to cuddle? No? Tough crowd. Here's the video, anyway. Please do not try this at home. If you do, though, choose better music than in the video.

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