Delectable Dates: Frozen Custard at Fog City

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Kristen Loken
Vanilla Bean Frozen Custard with Egg Yolk Caramel
If you consider ice cream too fattening and frozen yogurt a farce, the happy medium you're looking for is finally served in San Francisco -- and not just from a food truck. Frozen custard has finally made the long journey from the east coast and is satiating the sweet cravings of us San Franciscans. Take a special someone to experience Embarcadero's new Fog City for the town's best frozen custard.

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Chef Bruce Hill and pastry chef Aaron Toensing, newly schooled in the art of custard making, have partnered with Straus Family Creamery to bring organic frozen custard to Fog City, the first program of its kind in S.F. The flavor will change every few months, and currently the Vanilla Bean dominates the dessert menu. Whether you choose one scoop straight up or try one of the different iterations of the confection, your eyes will droop with the first bite.

To share, go with the vanilla custard topped with egg yolk caramel, a late-night creation we're giving thanks for. Immerse the custard in the smooth caramel sauce for a sugary kiss in each bite. For an even more indulgent experience, order the French Crullers, a pair of warm, soft donuts glazed in sweet orange.

For the more moderate palate, go with the affogato -- a unique twist on what is traditionally a coffee-based beverage by surrounding a portion of vanilla frozen custard with a ring of black coffee flavored granita. The combination of bitter espresso ice and sweet custard will satisfy both your taste buds and your caffeine headache. Fog City also offers a green chili apple pie, pairing the standard apple pie and ice cream with a kick of hatch chilies. No matter which frozen custard outfit you (selflessly) decide to share with your partner, you'll have a tough time claiming the last bite.

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Jon Thirlby
Jon Thirlby

HUH, last time I looked England wasn't in the midwest USA!, we've been freezing our custard for as long as I can remember!, I see it has finally made it's way to the colonies, hehehe (and yes, it is good!)

Garon Cummings
Garon Cummings

pretty sure this originated in the mid west so probably has nothing to do with hipsters

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