Burritoeater Blog Throwing in the Tortilla After 1,000 Reviews

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Patricia Chang
Charles Hodgkins at Taqueria Cancun.
After 10 years in the burrito-eating business, Charles Hodgkins is throwing in the tortilla. Nearing his 1,000th review on his Burritoeater blog, Hodgkins has become a folk-hero and San Francisco's top resource of the Mission's landmark delight.

Hodgkins first launched Burritoeater in 2003 as a newsletter. In 2005, he created the blog that critiqued a burrito in ways no one thought possible. Hodgkins broke down the quality of the burrito based on its tortilla, burstage abatement (how well it holds), temperature, size, ingredient ratio, clang (sauciness), down to the grains of rice. And instead of they typical star rating, he uses mustaches.

Eater SF sat down with Hodgkins at Taqueria Cancun to spill the beans on his blogging beginnings and the current state of San Francisco's burrito scene.

Hodgkins on why the state of the burrito is still strong:

"I've always maintained that clam chowder in a bread bowl has long since had its heyday, and that the civic food of San Francisco is the Mission-style burrito. I've thought that for a long time."

Though burrito reviews will stop at 1,000, Hodgkins has an app available ($1.99) that keeps San Francisco's top 30 spots with you wherever you go.

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Tim Gray
Tim Gray

Meh .. won't miss him... I already know what I like in a burrito and only occasionally found his blog useful. All the best in your new ventures, Charles!!

Jim Yu
Jim Yu

Can someone start a blog for shabu.shsbu places?

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