Bread Porn: Watch Tartine's Chad Robertson Talk Ancient Grains

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"With bread, you're only working with flour, water, and salt," says Tartine's Chad Robertson in this new video from The New Yorker talking about ancient grains and his new cookbook. "You don't have a lot of flour options." He spent some time in Denmark researching bread and found that the Danes were cultivating older grains that had more flavors and nutrients, and the potential to be a lot easier to digest. "[It] was a really exciting thing for me, it sort of doubled the size of what I had to work with," he says.

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The fruits of his labor will be on display in Robertson's new cookbook, Tartine Book No. 3, which will be published on Dec. 17th. Hear more of the baker's approach to grains, and see some gorgeous bread porn, in the video:

And if you didn't have a chance to check it out yet, The New Yorker's Food Issue recently hit stands. Read Adam Gopnik on bread and family tradition, Lauren Collins on a search for the hottest chili, Dana Goodyear on animals we love too much to eat, Rebecca Mead on the rise of Greek yogurt in America, and more. (Note: Many stories require a subscription to read.)

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whateveryousay topcommenter

Please, for the love of anything, stop calling everything porn. Food porn, car porn, bike porn, art porn, word porn...STOP THE INSANITY.  

Unless someone is getting jackhammered like a Caltrans bridge project or drilled like the North slope of Alaska with a strained look on their face it is not porn.  

Robert la Bohème
Robert la Bohème

Ha. Suckered. Watched the commercial then it said the video wasn't available. :) This video stream is currently unavailable. Please try again later. Error Code blah blah blah.

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