Week in Vegan: Vegetarian Piranhas, Punk-Rock Cookbooks, and a Three-Legged, Crime-Fighting Rescue Dog

​Welcome back to The Week in Vegan -- let's jump right in to the hot veggie action.

  • After a decade of research, Oldways, the health education nonprofit that brought you the vegetarian food pyramid, has gone live on a pyramid that includes vegan guidelines, too. Congratulations, guys, we did it. Cupcakes are at the bottom, right? And at the top?
  • Harvest Home Sanctuary, that awesome place where you can commune with a cow or gobble with a turkey, has an awesome event coming up: a Toast to the Turkeys on Nov. 6. Bring your own champagne. Turkeys love it.

  • Flesh-eating fish a fear for you? The Amazon may be just a little safer now that a species of vegetarian Piranha (Tometes camunani) has been identified. It eats aquatic herbs, but you have a very limited time to revel in your newfound bravery, because it is in danger of extinction.
  • Dogs and comics, two of my favorite things (after white geese with the moon on their wings and vegan schnitzel with noodles). Sea Shepherd crew member Tod Emko and Illustrator Ethan Young have launched a Kickstarter to bring his comic about a three-legged canine superhero to the masses. The dog's named after Ekmo's real-life animal rescue dog and it's named Piggy, your argument is invalid.
  • In related Kickstarter news, punk rocker Joshua Ploeg is putting together a vegan cookbook that will be both informative and SO HARDCORE. This delightful tome (not punk rock.) will feature interviews and photos along with recipes that really stick it to the man. You want to make S'mores with a zippo? (Who doesn't?)
  • These cold fall evenings are a perfect time for soup, and just to get you into the Halloween spirit, VegNews has posted a recipe for Mummy's Favorite Pumpkin Soup. Whether the 'mummy' stands for mother or King Tut is up to you.
  • Let's end this on a bang -- which is exactly the sound you hear if you put me in the kitchen. Shit just explodes when I walk in, just like I'm some kind of culinary Carrie. I'm pretty sure Isa Chandra Moskowitz, patron saint of vegan cooking, has never had the same problem. And she makes it look so easy. Check out her new video series which will teach you how to make rosemary chocolate chip cookies, meaty bean chili, and my favorite -- glam chowder. I hope that means you can eat it AND use it as an age-defying moisturizer.

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Amberlin Tannehill

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