Top 30 Archaic Phrases For Being Absolutely Shitfaced

Looks like someone's been too free with Sir John Barleycorn.
The Drunktionary is a wonderful Internet gem that music editor Ian S. Port unearthed yesterday when we were brainstorming names for SF Weekly's new bar column, debuting next Wednesday. It's a compilation of the hundreds, nay, thousands of delightful historical euphemisms for "being really drunk." There's a lot of great language in there (I'm partial to the nautical terms and Cockney rhyming slang), and the whole collection is a reminder that extreme inebriation is a universal human folly. Here are a few of our favorites -- use one or two on your next night out, and your friends are guaranteed to be impressed.

- Admiral of the narrow seas
- Anchored in Sot's Bay
- Been too free with Sir John Barleycorn
- Carrying the dark dog on one's back
- Drunk as rolling farts
- Got one's shoes full
- Gummixed up
- Half seas under
- Has been in the bibbling pot
- Hogwhimpering
- Imbibed giggle water
- Knockin' round like a blind dog in a meat shop
- Lost one's royal rudder
- Off to the races
- On a razzle-dazzle
- Out on the roof
- Poggled
- Pot-walloped
- Pulled a Daniel Boone
- Reeling 'round like a puppy tryin' to find a soft spot to lie down
- Roostered up
- Stewed as a fresh boiled owl
- Surveying the highways
- Tipsified
- Too far north
- Trousered
- Vabooshed
- Varnished
- Walking on rocky socks
- Whisky-frisky

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Edited for public consumption but those over 21 should know what I am saying:  F***ed Up.  Sloshed is another one.

Aaron Freeland
Aaron Freeland

or as we say in indian country..drunker than 10 utes and 6 apaches

Jan Simone
Jan Simone

My guy says "Three Sheets to the Wind" :p

Jan Simone
Jan Simone

I like 'shitfaced' better than any of those. L O L!


@batman that's not archaic, that's cutting edge.

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