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RJ Leimpeter
The first of Timeless Coffee Roaster's own fresh-roasted beans.
This month, Timeless Coffee Roasters is finally officially switching over to roasting its own beans. Roasting has always been part of the plan since RJ Leimpeter opened the café last December, but the five-kilo Probat roaster wasn't Kickstarted into the café until April, and getting the thing into production took a good deal longer than that. This month, however, trip over to Piedmont and you'll see the first beans stamped with Timeless' own name.

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Leimpeter has a glossy pedigree in the coffee world, having last polished his roasting chops as the lead roaster for Sightglass -- the coffee that remained on deck in Timeless until Leimpeter switched in his own. It makes sense then, that the profiles of his own coffee will be similar to those of Sightglass. In the roaster's words: round, full bodied, and approachable. And sometimes, because he's got a thing for beans out of Guatemala, quite chocolatey. On offer right now, you'll find two coffees from the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala with slightly different tasting profiles, as well as two more citrusy options from Ethiopia, one out of Yukro and one from Guji, available as pourovers or as quick cups brewed on the Fetco. To source his coffee, Leimpeter is working exclusively with Coffee Shrub, a reputable micro-seller of specialty coffee based out of Oakland. He roasts in 8 lb. batches, putting out a few hundred pounds a week.

RJ Leimpeter
Timeless Coffee Roaster's newest offerings

While its coffee has made Timeless an area favorite, the thing that makes it most unique is perhaps the thing the company talks about least. Timeless is 100% vegan. That means no milk for coffee (beyond soy and almond), and dairy-free pastries. Happily, it makes nary a difference. The pastries have made a name for themselves since the spot opened, though more for their pure quality than as stars of the vegan baking world. The vegan angle aside, they are, simply, damn good. Brownies are rich and tender, and the cakes moist and bouyant. The baking program is helmed by Voilet Slocum, formerly of Café Gratitude and Bittersweet, and the café's resistance to making a fuss about their vegan roots is highly intentional. Knowing the certain stigma that hovers around luxe cakes and brownies sold under the "vegan" label, the Timeless crew decided to keep the vegan thing no more than a footnote and let the food speak for itself. Happily, it has. The way Leimpeter tells it, their biggest fans were none the wiser to the vegan truth of their breakfasts until after their hearts were won. We've been sold for a long while, and you should too.

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