This Jacket Is Made Out of Coffee and it Isn't Even Ugly

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Some people frequently wear coffee. For example, when picking up after my dog in the morning, I've been known to wear a lot of coffee.

But most people have never, actually, you know, worn a garment made from coffee grounds. That could change, with Ecoalf's Calgary Technical jacket, manufactured from both coffee grounds and recycled plastic bottles. At $250, it combines casual affluence with intense and crunchy ethics, but unlike most Earth Shoes, it's not ugly. If anything, it's ordinary and unassuming. (It's also waterproof while providing UV protection and odor control.) A cute video on the site illustrates the process by which 12 PET bottles and the grounds from three cups of coffee turns into a jacket.

Ecoalf is a company devoted to making the most out of garbage. Its brand manifesto -- "Tras(h)umanity" -- refuses the inevitability of waste, pledging to develop new technologies to "make your life more enjoyable without damaging our relationship with nature." They also turn used fishing nets into apparel. (Not fishnets, though.)

Compared to shipping bottled water from Fiji, the Calgary Technical is relatively green. And in terms of sustainable living, wearing coffee is a lot more palatable than getting all your protein from eating bugs.

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