Surprise: Chicken Nuggets Contain Gross Ingredients

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Apologies in advance for ruining your lunch: In a study recently published in the American Journal of Medicine, two researchers dissected chicken nuggets from a fast food chain and found that they contained more nerves, pieces of bone, fat, blood vessels, skin, and cartilage than actual protein. In fact, the nuggets they dissected had 50 percent or less chicken muscle tissue.

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The study was conducted by three researchers at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, who obtained two nuggets from undisclosed fast food chains in Jackson and had them analyzed in a lab at Baptist Medical Center.

Their findings have been criticized for having such a small sample size, according to Reuters. "This study evaluates only two chicken nugget samples out of the billions of chicken nuggets that are made every year," Ashley Peterson of the National Chicken Council told Reuters Health, and she certainly makes a good point. Though the researchers didn't reveal the sources of their samples, some fast food chains have started using all white meat in their nuggets -- just not these.

But the news that chicken nuggets might not have much straight-up chicken protein in them will come as little surprise to anyone who has followed the harrowing reveals of the fast food industry, or who watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. (Remember when he assembled chicken nuggets from a nasty carcass in front of a bunch of kids, who then ate the chicken nuggets anyway? Good times.)

Oh well. At least Mighty Wings have a bone in them?

[via Grubstreet, Reuters]

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