LeftoverSwap, the Food-Sharing App, Has Launched (Currently Offering: Broken Tortilla Chips, Vegan Chili)

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Next time, accept the free chips at the taqueria and join the sharing economy.
By now you've probably heard about LeftoverSwap, the new app that lets you share food leftovers with people in your immediate vicinity. When we first heard about it we thought it was a joke akin to TacoCopter (still sad about that one), and despite assurances from its founders to the contrary, it still seemed too absurd to be an actual thing.

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Apparently, though, it is very real, and has launched in the Apple store last week. Over on The Snitch, Rachel Swan reported that despite protests from the Health Department, people are already trading things like a half-eaten bag of Pop Chips. (To that we ask, why? The beauty of Pop Chips is that you can eat the entire bag without guilt!) Apparently to get around the Health Department's regulations, the company has bought $1 million worth of insurance. Read the whole story over on The Snitch.

We gave it a whirl this afternoon to see what we could get for free. The most appealing offering in the radius of our FiDi office? A half-eaten bag of chips with bonus "Tapatio packets if I don't use them all on my burrito." Less appealing, but still available, was a bowl two-day-old vegan chili. Behold, the wide world of leftover sharing.

All jokes aside -- and we're really holding back here -- the founders claim that they launched the app not to be a novelty, but to confront the very real problem of food waste in today's society. Americans are said to waste 40 percent of all their food, and the logic goes, if we're willing to share cars, apartments, power tools, and whatever else, why not share our leftovers?

Well, we can think of a few reasons, the least of which are the Health Dept. concerns. But if you want to give it a whirl, the app is free on iTunes (Android version coming soon).

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The food & drug are going to let this happen??? This is sick!!!!

William Dolan
William Dolan

This is literally one of the lamest and most dangerous ideas I have ever heard... #celebrateidiocy

Kasim Patton
Kasim Patton

any leftover fried chicken? a brotha hella hungry

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