This Week in Coffee: S.F.'s Best Roasters, Annoying Orders, and Upcoming Openings

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Sprudge's "Most Annoying Coffee Order Generator"
It's a ripe week for coffee news.

To start, we give you Sprudge's newest, groundbreaking invention: the "Most Annoying Coffee Order Generator." Designed to help you -- likely a tolerable café customer -- cross the line into straight awfulness, the generator plucks coffee orders from a barista's worst nightmares, and assembles them into an infinite number of permutations. Now you can be the "quad decaf extra scalding frozen mocha double blended and divided into four cups" guy. Finally, offending your barista is just a click away.

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Complex Magazine released a list of the "Best Coffee Roasters in the U.S. Right Now" a few days ago. Predictably, the top of the list was packed with the Bay Area's coffee darlings. Blue Bottle came in 14th place, Ritual in 9th, Four Barrel at 6th, and Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz clocked in highest at 5th place. Complex calls Four Barrel "the kid in school who gets straight A's but who you still can't help but like." We won't argue.

On Saturday, Equator Coffee's outpost in Mill Valley is hosting a presentation on their relationship with the producers of Granja La Esperanza. The name should ring a bell, it's the cooperative union that helped Equator win the Roaster's Choice award this year, providing a rare coffee--the geisha varietal--that sold for $18 a cup at café's like Ma'velous. The presentation includes a slideshow, history, farm information, and of course, lots of their coffee to taste. Find details on Facebook.

Lastly, we're entering a climactic spree of hotly anticipated café openings. Our thorough Twitter raking suggests that Linea Caffe will most likely be opening its doors sometime next week. The café is a project from Ecco Caffe founder Andrew Barnett, and Anthony Myint of Mission Street Foods. The theme? Artisan coffee, salad, and waffles. It's an odd mix, but a promising team. Saint Frank, a café from Ritual Alum Kevin Bohlin, is slated to open near the end of the month (existing for the present as a pop up at SoMa's Public Bike). In October, we'll finally have Andytown opening in the Outer Sunset, a project from Michael McCrory and Lauren Crabbe, a married set of veteran baristas with impressive coffee pedigrees. Our ears are perked for developments, stay tuned.

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