The Tamale Lady Strikes Back

Anna Roth
Just another night in the Mission.
Virginia Ramos, aka the Tamale Lady, paid a price for her ubiquity: the city shut her down in June, only days prior to her 60th birthday. (Apparently, thwarting a thousand hangovers does not constitute a public good.)

Now, with help from Supervisor David Campos and other sympathetic city agencies and bar owners -- like the dudes behind her frequent haunt, the Eagle -- the Tamale Lady is getting a brick-and-mortar of her own. She's got savings enough even for rent in the Mission but needs extra funds for a full commercial kitchen build-out, which is where Indiegogo comes in handy (although the campaign is only at 20 percent of its goal).

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But as everybody loves a party, there's one of those too, at the Knockout on September 19. "We <3 the Tamale Lady" promises good times along with some punk and power-pop, with performances by Grandma's Boyfriend, Scraper, Windham Flat and Quite Polite. You can crowdsurf while you crowdsource.

"I don't know you, but I love you, so don't do the chemicals, honey," read a banner at the Eagle for the Tamale Lady's birthday. If she ditches the Mission for Bushwick, you will be very upset. So do your part and love her back!

We <3 the Tamale Lady, Thursday, Sept. 19, 9 p.m., at the Knockout, 3223 Mission St., $5-15 sliding scale.

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Are Pea
Are Pea

Tamale lady needs a kickstarter.

Ronnie Taylor
Ronnie Taylor

she better lower her prices if she gets her spot!

Robby Angus
Robby Angus

Lady Getting her Hustle on and people "F" it up!


The city didn't shut her down in June. She was 86d from Zeitgeist in June.

This is the sort of local detail that the SFWeekly has to get right, because if you don't, who will and what's the point of you?

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