We Don't Need No Water, Let Tacolocious' New MF Hot Sauce Burn

Lou Bustamante
Inspiration is a fickle friend: sometimes it's sitting there waiting for you at your desk, and other times you have to travel halfway around the world to find it.

While consulting on a Mexican restaurant in Sydney Australia called Barrio Chino back in 2011, Tacolicious owner Joe Hargrave and chef Telmo Faria found that even the most basic products were simply not available there. At the bar, they wanted to mix up Micheladas, but couldn't get bottles of salsa picante like Tapatio or Cholula, so Hargrave and Faria decided to make their own. The quickly came up with a recipe that came close, finished the consulting job, but didn't develop their recipe any further -- until recently.

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Lou Bustamante
Your ticket to ride the MF Hot Sauce train
Using the recipe they developed for Barrio Chino as a foundation, they tweaked and swapped out ingredients to create their custom MF Hot Sauce.

The sauce has lots of chili and smoked chipotle flavor, with a high note burn of habaƱero pepper that isn't so much that it kills the taste. It's deliciously rich, vibrant, and with enough kick of heat in a single drop to make my forehead itch with spice. It's not as vinegary or salty as many other varieties, nor does it have that powdery taste or texture that is common with these salsas.

The recipe combines fresh onions, garlic, chilies, with dry spices and dried chilies. Each location makes it's own batch in-house, and all of them offer bottles of their custom sauce. For chef Faria, the salsa is perfect in everything from eggs to pizza, but really at its best in dishes where excess moisture isn't needed or wanted, like on fried fish tacos.

You can try it at any of the four locations, and if you like it, take a bottle home for $5. Even better, the proceeds from the sale of the MF Hot Sauce goes towards their Tacolicious School Project, where each month they raise money for a different local public school.

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