Adorable Goats, Space Veggies, Eating Roadkill and More From Modern Farmer's New Issue

Modern Farmer launched earlier this year, a new quarterly from Hudson, New York covering food with an agrarian bent (and, full disclosure, staffed with several former SF Weekly editors and contributors). Its second issue hit newsstands last week, and it's full of strange and interesting dispatches from the food world.

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Check out former Examiner food critic Jesse Hirsch's cover story on how NASA is trying to grow fresh veggies 230 miles above Earth (farming could keep astronauts sane!), Peter Andrey Smith's article on how warmer waters could increase the pathogen in oysters that makes you sick (another thing to blame on global warming!), and Brendan Buhler's story on the laws, ethics, and science of eating roadkill (not as gross as you'd think!).

Plus, it's ModFarm's Goat Week, which means that they've set up a Goat Cam at Pelican Acres farm Orr, Minnesota. As the description promises, "you're apt to see them frolicking, head butting and partying down (SFW, for the most part)." Who knew that baby goats could compete with puppies and pandas in cuteness?

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