Report From Tu Lan, Now Re-Open on Sixth Street

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Pete Kane
If you ask long-term San Franciscans what they go to Sixth Street for, almost all of them would say, "Tu Lan!" (For a small percentage, it might be prostitution or illicit drugs.)

After an absence of just over a year, the Vietnamese restaurant beloved by Julia Child and Herb Caen and infamous for its filth and vermin has reopened, with nary a form of pestilence in sight.

Opening at 11am, every table is filled by 11:02, and by 11:20 the air is smoky, as brusque and sweating servers drop plates at tables with cordless phones wedged between ear and shoulder. It's comforting, and the prices have barely budged, too. Indeed, three can feast for under $40.

Pete Kane
Imperial rolls with pork: As good as ever.
Imperial rolls (here with rice and pork kebab) were excellent, crisp and peppery. A lemon beef salad was less successful, lacking -- in the words of a chef acquaintance -- any punch or balance of flavors.

Pete Kane
Tu Lan's pork and bean curd was a hit.
A pork and bean cake dish was the standout, bursting with ginger, the bean cake custard-like through the center. Sour fish soup elicited mixed reactions (lack of balance again, although the fish was light and flaky) but might have fit better had it arrived first rather than last. Overall, the pork dishes are the best bet, just as at Tu Lan 1.0.

And Julia is still there, relegated to a photocopy of a photocopy at the back of the menu, a secondhand boast from 1981. She's a benevolent totem now. The Tonga Room may have barely changed at all in its recent renovation, but Tu Lan changed exactly enough.

Tu Lan, 8 Sixth St., (415) 626-0927.

N.B.: Tu Lan closes daily from 2:45-4:00pm for a mid-day cleaning.

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Please don't eat at Tu-Lan.  They pay employees in crack.


good lord, so what that Julia Child liked this place. The place has always been filthy, and the food really greasy and mediocre.  I don't get it.

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