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Facebook/Wild Hare
Wild Hare's Deluxe Burger: Two comfort foods for the price of one.
By now Paula Dean's "Lady's Brunch Burger" (aka a beef patty wedged between two glazed doughnuts) is old news. Social media buzz about a ramen burger made with fried ramen noodles instead of a bun, apparently all the rage in Japan and debuting at Williamsburg's Smorgasburg this weekend, got us thinking about all the other wild and wonderful directions that restauranteurs have taken America's greatest contribution to food.

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Nombe, to our surprise and delight, is already doing its own version of a ramen burger -- a pork-belly-and-Wagyu patty topped with caramelized onions, tomato, Japanese pickles, mizuna with wasabi aoili, and your choice of three sauces (miso, sweet soy, and tomato) and add-ons including cheese, bacon, avocado, and fried chicken liver, according to Inside Scoop (and holler to SF Weekly contributor The Dapper Diner for the Twitter tip).

In other bun innovations (bunnovations?), Wild Hare in lower Pacific Heights is serving The Deluxe Burger, a riff on what Serious Eats dubbed The Fatty Melt: A burger in which the bun is two grilled cheese sandwiches, in a bout of artery-clogging insanity. Speaking of cholesterol, Epic Roasthouse is still serving its $20 Explosion Burger, which puts the cheese inside the patty (twist!).

Facebook/Wise Sons
Wise Sons Deli puts pastrami on it.
Some go beyond beef altogether. Wise Sons Deli has the deli burger made with ground pastrami, beet-horseradish spread, deli mustard, and iceberg lettuce. At Roam, you can order an elk patty or the Tejano burger topped with fried tortilla strips. And of course we're huge fans of the bacon-and-beef burger at Rickybobby.

There have to be more out there. What'd we miss?

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Amy Ward
Amy Ward

Mojo bicycle Wednesday 6 p.m.

Summer Huff
Summer Huff

Christopher Winters Garrison when are we going. To. Try. All. Of. These.


couple good ones in SoMa: Custom Burger and Citizen's Band 

J.j. Lasne
J.j. Lasne

That meat is not cooked through. Dangerous.

Erin Lim
Erin Lim

Not in the city, but the best burger around here is at Goose & Gander up in St. Helena. I would drive for the burger. I WILL drive for that burger. They top it with bone marrow for god sakes.

Brian Santos
Brian Santos

Original Joe's San Francisco not for extreme-ness... but because its done so well its extreme in that regard

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