Newest Reason To Move to Europe: The Belgian Frites Vending Machine

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BreakTime Solutions
We bet supermarket sales skyrocket.
Oh hey, here's a vending machine that makes Belgian frites that we wish were on every street corner in America. The bright yellow, coin-operated machine, located outside a grocery store in Brussels, takes about 90 seconds to make the fries following the signature twice-fried Belgian style (and in beef tallow, no less, none of that weak vegetable oil stuff). The bowl of fries even comes accompanied by a little package with a fork, salt, and ketchup or mayonnaise.

The machine is designed by Belgium's BreakTime Solutions, and there's a couple of videos of the whole process on the company's website if you want to get hungry and/or marvel at the wonders of technology.

This apparently wasn't the first, either. A quick YouTube search discovered other french fry vending machines around the world. We're not sure how many of them do the twice-fried, beef-tallow thing, though -- all we know is that we want one. Maybe that's the way tech kids can win over the hearts and minds of their fellow Missionites. A Belgian frite machine at Dolores Park could redeem even Peter Shih.

[via Laughing Squid, Guardian]

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Vida Pejman
Vida Pejman

Do u really think u r getting frites?? Think twice

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