The Royal Tug Jerks Our Chain

Pete Kane
The Admiral and the Panama Negroni at the Royal Tug
Empire-builders Duncan Ley, Benjamin Bleiman and Mark DeVito have a lot of cool neighborhood bars in San Francisco. A lot. Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem shines the brightest, but there's also Soda Popinski's, Bullitt, Tonic, Wild Hare, bar-slash-venue Rebel, etc. And this time, they're phoning it in.

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Having stuck a wet thumb aloft to determine that the winds are indeed blowing seaward, the team has delivered a nautical-themed pseudo-dive called the Royal Tug Yacht Club to Nob Hill. Impishly named, it almost sounds like they're trolling the area's tonier residents, but it's actually a shiny lure for Marina folk to swim upstream and over the hill.

Thirteen cocktails (plus beer and Fernet on tap) comprise the menu, and a few stand out, such as the mojito-like Admiral (bourbon, amber rum, Angostura bitters, mint, a sugar cube and fresh lime) and the seriously intense Panama Negroni, made with tequila reposado, Campari and Punt de Mes. Let that one sit a minute first to let the ice melt.

Pete Kane
Behold, the kraken at Royal Tug
Overall, the Royal Tug feels slapped together. Throw some crazy crap on the walls, source the three cheapest faux-wood tables you can find, install a frightening octopoid recycled from the Playa onto the ceiling, put in a Big Buck Hunter and BAM! It's pure Thrillist-bait -- and seemingly the evolutionary destination of all of San Francisco's weirdest dives and assorted holes-in-the-wall. However, in New York, the 36-year-old Rawhide bar just closed and is becoming a chain pizza joint, so Nob Hill could do way, way worse.

The Royal Tug Yacht Club, 895 Bush St.

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wow..if you'd done your was a gay bar by the same name, for a looong time. And they just opened it re-newly in the past few weeks. Meaning, let them get their feet and figure it out. Thank the gods of the bay that its not crawling with douche bags and wanna-be hipsters (that are now extinct)..that is, through the weekdays. If you need more craptasms of the 'NEW' gentrified bay..go back to the mission or hayes or soma or...or everywhere. You already liked the drinks. And the what if its an ex burner tribute? yay. We need more of that. Less camping fashions and bad striped button downs. Oh, sure, they're everywhere..but, at least, these guys want interesting to the Nob. 

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