Rename Fillmore Bakeshop's "Cronut," Win a Dozen of 'Em

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The dessert formerly known as kronut.
The "cronut" came to San Francisco a few weeks back, first from commercial wholesaler Posh Bakery distributed most widely at Lee's Deli, then from Fillmore Bakery in Japantown/Lower Pac Heights. We're using the scare quotes here, because New York cronut inventor Dominique Ansel trademarked the name, and as Fillmore Bakery found out over the weekend, is sending cease-and-desists to people who use a name too close to his own.

Fillmore Bakery is now actively crowdsourcing a new name for its half-croissant, half-doughnut creation, reports Eater SF. The winner gets a dozen of the NAMETK treats (or a $25 gift card if they're not local). It's not a bad deal, all said and done, considering that the pastry is only served on Saturdays between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m., and is limited to four per person. Scarcity, or perceived scarcity, has created intense demand -- as Tasting Table editor Jonathan Kauffman reported on Twitter, the line on Saturday morning a week ago stretched down the block.

East Bay denizens don't have to feel left out of the fun. Stag's Lunchette is hosting a special "Croughnut Popup" on Sunday, Sept. 8 at 9 a.m., Inside Scoop reports. There will be three flavors served, including a version made with clementine pastry cream and vanilla sugar -- delicious-sounding enough to overlook the fact that "croughnut" sounds like a disease in a 19th century novel. Pick your portmanteaus carefully, folks.

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Wow! Copycats and thieves suck! Good on Dominque Ansel for taking action!  Renaming does not make it your own! These people are disgusting!  I call foul! 

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