Off Menu: The One-and-One at Coffee Cultures

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The "One-and-One"
Coffee Cultures has something new for you to try, but you've got to know about it first. The café, a newer player in the FiDi's scene, harbors a secret menu that happens to offer a few creative ways of tasting coffee.

The two stars of the secret menu offer espresso served two ways. The "One and One" splits a double shot of espresso between a macchiato and a single shot served straight up. The "One and Fun" is similar, replacing the macchiato with a cappuccino. The idea here is to taste espresso in its two purest incarnations, alone and with a thimbleful of milk. If you're honing your palate, it's an excellent way of tasting the way milk affects coffee, and an even better way of avoiding any kind of decision making before you've fully woken up.

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The coffee on offer now is part of Counter Culture Coffee's Apollo project, an ongoing series of coffees. At the moment, a sweet Ethiopian coffee called Apollo 11 is on deck, and comes served with a single raspberry on a spoon if you order it as the "one and one" or the "one and fun," augmenting the fruit-forward subtleties of its taste.

Espresso -- as the pure, sweet, punchy pick-me-up it is -- tends to be more popular in the afternoon, while in the morning we tend to prefer getting swaddled up in the creamy sweetness of a latté or a cappuccino. Straight espresso is gone in a blink, but larger drinks afford us the time to prolong the ritual of our morning coffee. Now, it looks like you'll never have to choose again.

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