Catching Up With an Old Friend: Il Cane Rosso's Warm Egg Salad Sandwich

Anna Roth
It's not the newest or sexiest dish in town, but every so often I get a craving for the simple pleasure of Il Cane Rosso's warm egg salad sandwich. This umami bomb doesn't deserve to be even in the same category as those sad egg salad sandwiches that they sell at gas stations. The open-faced hot sandwich has a pile of chopped, hardboiled Petaluma Farms eggs welded together with a rich slurry of anchovy-garlic butter, then topped with slices of gooey aged provolone and a sprinkle of greens, all on a crunchy slice of Acme bread.

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A whole sandwich ($9) makes for a heavy lunch, due to the creamy dreamy factor -- I've always regretted ordering a whole one -- but it's entirely reasonable to get a half sandwich and a salad, roughage-heavy side dish, or a bowl of that day's veggie-heavy seasonal soup, and convince yourself that you're eating healthy today.

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