I Can't Go On, I Must Go On: Eating at Outside Lands When You're Already Totally Busted

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Music festivals can be the most grueling kind of fun there is. Between the adrenaline rush of seeing your idols and the half-mile trek between stages, it's really easy to overdo it and crap out early, especially when you get there at noon to catch an opener your music-snob friend won't shut up about. But when are you ever going to have the chance to see Paul McCartney again? You must plow forward! Here are the best bets for keeping yourself going all weekend.

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The Best Things We're Eating and Drinking at Outside Lands 2012

Of course, Rosamunde is going to be there. The Nuernberger Bratwurst is a late-night go-to for people stumbling out of Toronado or onto the last BART, and so will it be in Golden Gate Park.

Chicken and waffles is the worst thing in the world for you, but not when you're burning 3500 calories a day. You are going to need some protein and S.F.'s finest soul food joint is going to provide it for you. If you're "waffling," it's easy to justify: If not now, when?

Precita Park Café
A brand-new addition to the Outside Lands scene, they're serving gluten-free mac-and-cheese. It's comfort food for when the fog rolls in, and it's a rib-sticker.

For weary vegetarians in need of protein, the quiet Russian Hill restaurant's booth should be a welcome reprieve. Go for the ricotta and artichoke sandwich, and rock out all night.

Il Cane Rosso
The Ferry Building favorite won't be thronged with tourists, it'll be filled with hungry music fans clamoring for griddled French toast, fried egg sandwiches, and hash browns. There's a reason forty million Americans start the day off with McDonald's, and il Cane Rosso is like a sustainable, free-range, ethical Mickey D's that tastes amazing.

Wise Sons Deli
Pastrami cheese fries. Enough said. And if you can't get enough fries-with-fatty-things, Outside Lambs will have lamb poutine.

From Del Popolo to Nine Inch Nails, Outside Lands is going to be awesome this year. (Contrast that with the riots over the unavailability of water during Limp Bizkit's set at Woodstock '99.) Eat well and have fun!

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