Hostess Is Back: Taste-Testing the New Twinkies and CupCakes

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Tamara Palmer
Twinkies: Call it a comeback.
After Hostess Brands went into liquidation at the end of 2012, we despaired that we'd never again know the taste of Twinkies. But now that the rights have been purchased by private equity companies, the treats are starting to return (here's the full list of what's coming back). We bumrushed some Twinkies and Chocolate CupCakes at our local Walgreens as a public service to you to let you know if they've retained their junky tastiness.

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Chocolate-Espresso Twinkie, a Hostess Mashup from Bette's Oceanview Diner

The Chocolate CupCakes are noticeably smaller than they used to be, kind of like those 100-calorie packs that Hostess used to (and may soon again) sell. But they're not 100 calories, they're actually 160 calories. The chocolate "frosting" on top used to be the most coveted part that we'd eat first, but now it's got a duller appearance and taste; like, we'd be fine if it was not there at all at this point.

Twinkies are also smaller, but they still taste the way we remember, which is good news. We felt pretty ill within 10 minutes of consuming them, though. Our Hostess craving has been eliminated for quite a while -- at least until we can find some Zingers and Fruit Pies -- but we'd suggest indulging in the rotation of Twinkies flavors at Market & Rye (our favorite is root beer) or hunting down the chocolate espresso Twinkies at Bette's Oceanview Diner in Berkeley. There, you'll know that the shelf life is a day or two instead of mysterious and infinite.

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I'm very disappointed with the hostess come back, they do not have the same great taste as they once did. Never change a good thing.


Yea its a damned shame the frosting on the cupcakes is now harder, less frosting like.  Its now more little Debbie quality than hostess, too bad.  I guess they save money, but what good is that if I won't buy again.


The cupcakes and twinkies were made smaller before the original owner went bankrupt, so why blame the new company when they bought the recipe to a smaller product?

Glenn Darwis
Glenn Darwis

Eating that stuff shaves minutes off your life.

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