Check Out This Charming, Crazy Map of London's Underground by Taste

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Telegraph/James Wannerton
Section of James Wannerton's synesthetic taste map of the London Underground.
James Wannerton has synesthesia -- the fascinating mental disorder that makes you combine senses in your mind, so you can do things like see music and taste colors. Wannerton, a 54-year-old British systems analyst, has mapped the taste he's associated with every subway station on the London Underground. Some of the stops sound quite nice (sausage & fried egg, eccles cake, steak & kidney pie), some are gross (wet sand, chewed matchsticks, dried blood), and some are downright strange in their specificity (chocolate-coated carrots, warm lemonade, rubber diving brick). Check out the whole map here.

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Wannerton told the Telegraph his three favorite and least favorite stops. Of them, Baker Street sounds the most pleasant:

"Baker Street is lovely. The best way to describe it is crusty and sweet, like jam roly-poly but slightly burnt. It has got loads of different tastes and textures. I love getting off there."

Bond Street sounds like the worst:

"Bond Street tastes like hair spray, metallic and slightly bitter. You know when someone is spraying their hair and you breath in and taste some of it? It is like that."

We shudder to think what some of the BART equivalents would be, but any local synesthetes up to the task?

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