Yelp's New Wordmaps Show Where to Find Bacon and Yuppies

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Unsurprisingly, S.F.'s largest hipster contingent appears to be in the Mission.
If you've always wondered where to go if you're a yuppie, hipster, romantic, or just hungover, Yelp recently released some maps to point wayward souls in the right direction.

Chris Chan, a Yelp data scientist who also helped engineer the maps and pens the official Yelp Wordmap blog, writes that the maps "reveal fascinating patterns of local discovery" and can help out of towners "live like a local, too."

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This might be obvious without Yelp, but we have a lot more places identified as "hipster" hangouts (see map above) than "frats" (below):

Places described with the word "frat" are centered in the Marina.

But, yuppies, apparently, are everywhere:

Spots for yuppies can be found all over town.

If you're looking for a good cocktail, or just an abundance of options, head down the BART line -- according to this map, that's where most Yelped bars are located. Makes sense, you won't have to stumble far to catch a ride home:

Cocktail bars follow the BART line.

But you can imbibe without worrying about the next day's hangover -- cures for that can be found throughout the city:

S.F. is an equal-opportunity city when it comes to hangover cures.

You can peruse the rest of the maps at Yelp's Wordmap site.

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