Discover Three Croissants You Can Trust

Tamara Palmer/Craftsman + Wolves
Croissants from Arlequin, Craftsman + Wolves and Arizmendi.
We've all heard about cronuts until we're blue in the face, especially since we can't get them out here yet and there are no worthy knockoffs to speak of, but the New York craze of the summer has thrown some light back on the value of the simple croissant. Of course, we tend to throw traditional out the window here, too, so these simple croissants are definitely anything but plain. Read on to discover our current favorites that you won't have to get up at the crack of dawn to try.

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Arlequin (and Absinthe) pastry chef recently introduced pretzel croissants to the offerings at Arlequin. They're both dipped in a baking soda solution and topped with coarse pretzel salt for that pretzel feel without leaving a knot of immovable dough in your tummy. Corbett has had to increase production on these babies because they tend to run out in the middle of the day.

Arizmendi Bakery in the Sunset bakes up sourdough croissants in plain, chocolate and almond varieties. Filled with almond paste and topped with slivered almonds, the latter is our favorite because it hints at something much more indulgent than a croissant but not as caloric as a danish. The sourdough flavor is best noticed in the plain flavor, but it makes a spectacular pairing to the chocolate and almond ones as well.

Craftsman + Wolves' square chocolate croissant stack plays with the very form of a croissant in order to attempt to engineer the perfect bite all the way through. If you're craving a chocolate croissant, this is one to focus on, for you won't have to partake of chocolate-less ends.

Don't flake on these croissants.

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Trish Deely
Trish Deely

Are you suggesting a city croissant crawl Eoin? Looks like my calendar just freed right up.

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