Three Sweet Alternatives to Waiting in Line at Bi-Rite Creamery

Anna Roth
The shaved ice flavors at Namu Gaji change frequently.
We have all been there. It's three o'clock on Friday afternoon, and you experience a sugar craving so strong that even your roommate's normally-abhorrent store bought cupcakes are starting to look good.

So like any good mission-dwelling hipster you consider Bi-Rite for a scoop of salted caramel ice cream. But the thought of that endless line makes you want to run for the Oakland Hills. So here are three other neighborhood treats that will raise your blood sugar; not your blood pressure.

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Shaved ice at Namu Gaji
This Korean spot from the Lee brothers may be known for the Okonomiyaki and KFC (Korean fried chicken), but they also serve attention-worthy desserts. At lunchtime you can find three flavors of shaved ice made from a vintage, hand-crank machine. Both the Four Barrel coffee, and the chocolate mint with coconut are available all year, while the fruit flavor (currently strawberry), changes with the seasons. ($5 for small/$7 for large)

Brownie at Faye's Video
Yes, that's right; dessert at a video store. Next time you stop in to pick up your favorite John Waters' classic, grab one of the decadent, chocolate chip-studded brownies (delivered daily from City Baking Co.) to go with it. ($2)

Chocolate Chip Toffee Cookie at Claire's Deli
Hey Cookie!, the brainchild of baker Christa Hill, is responsible for the rotating array of cookie types at this flocked-to sandwich shop. Our favorite? The thin, buttery, chocolate chip cookie baked with a generous serving of crunchy toffee pieces. ($1.75)

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Karl Wilder
Karl Wilder

No...I don't wait in line anywhere. I don't follow trends, I make them.

Andrew J. Nilsen
Andrew J. Nilsen

Or just walk across the street and buy a pint at Bi-Rite grocery.


When are you going to write an article on Ice Cream Bar at 815 ole. The ice cream is as good as any of the usual suspects we always rate as top five (yes, even including Buy Rite's esteemed salted caramel)

Christa Hill
Christa Hill

Thank you so much, Alexis! I'll have to bake up some "Hey, Cookie!" chocolate toffee cookies for you & the SF Weekly team! XOXO

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