Drink of the Week: Enjoying The Rebound Fling at Ice Cream Bar

Lou Bustamante
The Rebound Fling--it's a total lactart
When a prescription to "drown your sorrows" is issued by your friends to numb the pain and heartache caused by the conclusion of wonderfully tumultuous spring fling, it'll most likely include either ice cream or beer. We personally prefer a rebound, especially when it comes with beer and ice cream at the same time.

At Ice Cream Bar, the Cole Valley old time soda fountain and ice cream emporium, you can do all of those at once, like in the deliciously sassy The Rebound Fling ($11, Speakeasy Payback Porter, morello cherry ice cream, sour cherry syrup, lactart).

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Like any great rebound, it starts with a little payback to show that heartbreaker how much better your life is without them. Here that's the sudsy and potent Speakeasy's Payback Porter. It's a powerful start to the spell with a robust 7.5% alcohol by volume with a complex scheme of deliciously dark, and smoky grain flavors that verge on savory chocolate.

Lou Bustamante
The Dublin Honey--"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"
The morello cherry ice cream reins in some of the power, caressing with the dairy creaminess, awash in matching sour cherry syrup that accentuates the fruit. The lactart is like soda shop pheromone -- it adds some tanginess, but in a much milder and smoother way. It combines the cherry and dairy tang so effortlessly that you'll never know its there; you'll only know that you want more. Seductively creamy, boozy, with chocolate-cherry kisses that flood you every time you lock lips.

While rebounds never last (this concoction will only be on the menu through summer), you might find true love again in the arms of Ice Cream Bar's year-round Dublin Honey ($11, Guinness, caramelized honey ice cream, Valrhona chocolate syrup, Graham's 10 year old tawny port). If nothing else, a visit will remind you that there are other fish (and ice cream drinks) in the sea.

The Rebound Fling
by Russell Davis

2 small scoops (6 oz.) morello cherry ice cream
1 teaspoon Lactart
1 oz. tart cherry syrup (tart Montmorency cherry concentrate, turbinado sugar, water)
Speakeasy Payback Porter to fill 12 oz soda glass

Pour a small amount of the porter into the glass, then add ice cream. Add remaining ingredients and pour more beer to fill glass.

The Ice Cream Bar & Soda Fountain, 815 Cole (at Frederick), 742-4932

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