"Gezi Gardens" Occupiers Arrested; Kale Bulldozed Over

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Lots of cops at Fell and Laguna this morning.
In what seemed inevitable based on the eviction notice SFPD served the occupiers of the former Hayes Valley Farm last week, last night around 2 a.m. San Francisco police raided the farm and arrested seven occupiers. According to witnesses, SFPD used a cherrypicker to remove occupiers sleeping in treesits they'd built on the property.

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Anna Roth
Large machinery moved into the former Hayes Valley Farm this afternoon.
Activists have occupied the 2.2-acre for nearly two weeks in an attempt to prevent the land from becoming a mixed-use development. Hayes Valley Farm moved out of the land on June 1 in accordance with its interim-use agreement with the city, at which point the occupiers moved in and rechristened the land Gezi Gardens in solidarity with the protests in Turkey.

Mike Koozmin
One of several removed banners that was on the occupied farm.
They replanted vegetables and greens and festooned the trees and fences with colorful hand-lettered banners bearing slogans like "crops not condos" and "liberate the land."

This morning police have surrounded the perimeter of farm, and closed off Laguna between Fell and Oak. Inside the fence, on the newly bulldozed land, men in hardhats and safety vests appear to be surveying the property.

The Gezi Gardens group plans to reconvene in nearby Patricia Green on Friday at 6 p.m. This morning a few recognizable faces were already in the square surrounded by a pile of sleeping mats and backpacks. Let's hope they keep it civil.

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