Nopa Announces Nopalize: A New Storytelling Project

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Today, the folks at Nopa announced the launch of "Nopalize," a collaborative storytelling project that they'll run through the restaurant's already existing blog of the same name. The project is the collective effort of filmmakers, writers, industry folks, and general food enthusiasts coming together in "an earnest effort to share really great content" about food and culture, especially the farm-to-table ethos that Nopa represents. Basically, Nopa is going to start trying harder on its blog, and its probably going to be really pretty.

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In line with the restaurant's ethos, it seems to be another way of making and celebrating community around food. The blog has already been active for two years, featuring things like the recipe for Nopa's famous baked white beans, haikus based on farm trips, Instagrammable moments in the kitchen, and a lovely, ongoing breakdown of the wine and cocktail program. There's also a bevy of videos and podcasts about the food system and cooking. The new project will, apparently, be more focused and deliberate. Over the next few months, the blog will become a "digital journal" of sorts, featuring some education, humor, multi-media pieces, and a whole lot of storytelling around the idea of farm-to-table.

The introduction to Nopalize, as written, sounds exciting if a bit vague. Nopalize creator Stephen Satterfield, also the Nopa manager, writes that the project has been brewing for about three months,

in an effort to chronicle the life of a "San Francisco gathering place" that runs off that farm-to-table model. If it's anything like Nopa, it will be quite rustic, quite appetizing, and very nice to look at. Predictably, I'm pretty excited.

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Erika Khanna

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