Hayes Valley Farm Occupiers Served With An Eviction Notice

Mike Koozmin
One of many banners around the perimeter of the former Hayes Valley Farm.
In the ongoing saga of the activists currently occupying the former Hayes Valley Farm on Laguna between Oak and Fell, SFPD has confirmed that it has served the members of the encampment a notice to vacate the premises. The occupiers tweeted a photograph of the announcement on June 6 (@LiberateLand), which was quickly picked up by neighborhood blog Hayeswire.

The grounds of the eviction is the group's trespassing on private property, a misdemeanor, says Gordon Shyy, an SFPD public information officer. If the occupiers of the space, which they have rechristened "Gezi Gardens" in solidarity with the protests in Turkey, don't vacate the premises, they could be subject to arrest.

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Here's the tweeted photo of the eviction notice:

A tweeted photograph of the eviction notice for the occupiers of "Gezi Gardens"

With their occupation of the space, complete with newly assembled tree platforms and barricades, the Gezi Gardens group is trying to prevent the land from becoming a $42 million, 185-unit mixed-use development. Currently the city is in escrow on a deal with Avalon Bay Communities and Build Inc. to sell the southern half half of the former Hayes Valley Farm space, formerly the Central Freeway on-ramp, for around $9 million.

The organizers of Hayes Valley Farm had a temporary interim-use agreement with the city of San Francisco, and peacefully left the land on June 1. They have no comment on the current residents, and have focused their attention on other urban farming projects around the Bay Area.

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Christopher Hayward
Christopher Hayward

I was born in this city. Crops can grown in the central valley section of our state. It is better for the mother earth, to allow building. So people can live in the city. Than have to live 80 miles from it. This is why people who live out in Sacramento or Stockton or other central valley cities. Have to burn a lot more fossil fuel to get into the city. Which is what happens, with this anti growth mind set. Which needs to rethink, how people look at things. San Francisco, CA is a big city. It is not the Marin Headlands. I would rather have 100 floor condo high-rise buildings. Than to have all those same people crowing BART or driving across either the Bay Bridge or Golden Gate Bridges. This is what makes air pollution worst in the BAY-AREA. You do not get rid of the people, they just have to drive further. Better to be like Hong Kong, it is better for the air. Than all those same people, on all of the Bay Area's freeways. This outdated thinking, only helps the oil companies. You very same people do not like. dah. Plus allowing for more high rise condos, will increase taxes for city services.Like in N.Y. city. This is why N.Y. has less of a homeless problem than the Bay Area. Plus these crops could be grown on top of high rise buildings or people's homes. Plus there is still a lot of empty land on Treasure Island, another der moment. If I ran San Francisco, CA. I would mandate all homeless people be driven onto Treasure Island at night. To camp, sleep and be seen by doctors. To get help with their mental problems. I would mandate a bay area homeless humanity sales tax. To fund this, of .03 per every sale. In the Nine county Bay Area wide area. Not allow mentally ill persons into the city or buses or BART. Help them with housing on this island. Like N.Y. has done with Roosevelt Island. Build a tramway into Treasure Island, from downtown San Francisco, CA. To allow these persons, to still get into the city, for basic services. Build high rise housing for all mentally ill persons, to ensure they have a place to live. This should provide an answer to the Bay Area's problem with the chronic homeless problem. WORD UP, North Cali peeps.


Before they tore down the freeway the hippies plastered them with signs saying, "if this was housing you would be home now."

Now that the freeway is down and they are going to build housing the hippies want something else.

Go home and take a shower hippies.


@meatsack I agree with your point but why do you have to antagonize hippies. Taking showers everyday and perfuming yourself is not for everyone. If you don't work in an office or take the bus why do you need to smell good? Give your mind a shower, a-hole!

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