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Judges deliberate carefully at a previous BACC competition.
Next Friday, both the Bay Area Coffee Community and Caffeine Crawl will descend on Coffee Bar's Mission location in one glorious, highly fueled, and delicious party. And it's open to the public. What does that look like? The BACC -- a local organization devoted to building community around coffee -- is putting on the finale of its six-month latté art competition series. If you've never seen a latté art competition, picture something with Top Chef suspense and the theatricality of a dog show, invariably ending like the final scene of the Karate Kid. Picture your morning barista making your cappuccino like their life depends on it. It's blood, sweat, tears, and lattes.

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The competition set up includes forty baristas in a single elimination bracket, pouring any milk and espresso-based drink into a cup of their choosing. All baristas in the bay area are encouraged to compete, and anyone jonesing for a peek at the action is welcome to attend. Also, the prizes are pretty serious: a home espresso machine, coffee swag, and enviable airfare to coffee-related events around the country. All in all, the total giveaways add up to upwards of $7500. The BACC website will post profiles of leading baristas every day leading up to the competition. Look for friendly faces from Blue Bottle, Ritual, and Stanza.

The event is the official after party of Caffeine Crawl, a tour taking place that day slated to hit up chocolatiers including Dandelion and Christopher Elbow Chocolate, and coffee bars and roasters including Contraband, Ma'velous, Stanza, and Ritual. Get tickets on the caffeine crawl website.

Additionally, Coffee Bar will offer beer and wine specials and super special tacos. And, a favorite at every BACC event, the guys behind Frozen Kuhsterd will have a custom batch of frozen coffee custard made with a Congolese coffee from Mr. Espresso. And, it will be free.

If that's not enough coffee in your life, Mr. Espresso will be hosting a pre-competition tasting of their experimental barrel-aged coffee, a process they've been playing with wherein green coffee beans are aged in cabernet barrels. RSVP is limited, so contact to reserve a spot.

Sponsors of the event series, including Alter Eco and Rip van Wafels will be on hand dishing out samples. There will also be prizes raffled off to the audience, which might make it a good time to try getting your hands on a fancy grinder.

When: Thursday, June 13
Where: Coffee Bar, 1890 Bryant St., San Francisco
Cost: Free
Time: 6 p.m. (Competition starts at 7 p.m.)

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